By Lesley Huerta

The SAT is a test that all high schoolers that are planning to attend a 4-year university must take. It consists of math, reading, writing and grammar, and an optional essay. Each person has a different method which is unique to them on how they studied and prepared for the test. Students who have taken the test were interviewed on what they would recommend underclassmen who are going to take the test to do to result in higher SAT scores.


What do you recommend for juniors and seniors who are going to take the SAT? What are some things you did to improve on your SAT score from the previous?

“I recommend for them to take SAT Prep classes if they can. I took SAT prep and focus on my problem areas such as math”

-America Alvarado, 12th grade

“Study! I recommend them to study because a lot of people take Khan Academy and free SAT prep for granted. Even a small amount of studying can make a difference. Don’t wait till the last day! Khan Academy, I studied for half an hour a month before the exam.”

-Rosa Chagolla, 12th grade

“I recommend for them to go to College Board to link their SAT scores so that they can see what they need help on from Khan Academy. I went on Khan Academy and studied, as well as took monthly SAT courses with TELACU.”

-John Gonzalez, 12th grade


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