In our wild life there are many cases where animals go extinct due to the mistreatment and deaths caused by humans. Animals from Portugal, Argentina and South Africa are becoming extinct due to settlers competing for livestock. According to the article,” Extinction” by John L. Gittleman, animals are diminishing not just because of global warming and the environmental effects, but because they are not being able to reproduce. Also, the extinction does not extend only to mammals but species such as amphibians as well. Amphibians in Costa Rica such as the Golden Toad, turned extinct due to a drought and fungus. Pyrenean Ibex, Quagga, Thylacine are types of animals that have been extinct for the past years. The first to become extinct was the Portuguese ibex in 1892. The Pyrenean ibex was the second, when the last individual, a female named Celia, was found dead in 2000. Extinction has taken a toll on an overall variety of animals and to this day it continues happening. In North and South America, over 40 percent of the overall animal population went extinct due to the horrible conditions and negative environment that they live in.

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