Wayne Millard, a wealthy Canadian businessman, at the age of 71, was formerly believed to have taken his own life on November 29, 2012. However, recent reports suggest that Millard did not take his own life but his son, Dellen Millard was the one who shot the aviation company boss in the head while he was asleep and framed it as a suicide. Millard told police that his father had been dealing with depression and alcoholism making it appear to have been a suicide rather than murder. It is believed that the purpose behind his actions was to inherit his father’s multi-million-dollar fortune.

In May 2013, Tim Bosma’s disappearance triggered a series of investigations against Millard. Bosma was simply attempting to sell his pickup truck, moreover, agreeing to a test drive with Mark Smich and Dellen Millard and was never seen again. Bosma’s truck was later traced to Millard’s mother’s property whose traces of blood and gun residue were found inside, making Smich and Millard the prime suspects in Bosma’s murder investigation. This investigation undoubtedly shed light upon Millard girlfriend’s disappearance, which occurred a year earlier. Concrete evidence was later found tying Dellen Millard to the murder and disappearance of his girlfriend, Laura Babock.

The bodies of both Bosma and Babock were never found leading police to believe that they were ashed in the animal incinerator Millard owns. Dellen Millard and his accomplice, Mark Smich, were found guilty of first-degree murder against Bosma in 2016 and later Babock in 2017. The two counts of murder under Millard’s name and the alleged discovery of his DNA on the grip of the .32 Smith & Wesson revolver found next to his father’s bed, ultimately led detectives to re-examine Wayne Millard’s apparent suicide that resulted in a murder charge against his son, Dellen Millard. Millard pleaded not guilty to the accusation made against him. Nevertheless, the trial continues and a final verdict is yet to be reached. For the time being, Dellen Millard will continue serving his consecutive life sentences for the murders of Bosma and Babock without parole.


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