by Nathalia Arevalo

Homophobia encompasses prejudice or hate towards people who identify with homosexuality. Those part of the LGBTQ+ community are in danger just by holding hands with their loved ones, getting married, and expressing themselves normally everyday.  In the city Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania, this violence against the LGBTQ+ community is present.

Since President John Magufuli’s election in 2015, homophobia, violence, and arrests on members of the LGBTQ+ community have risen. Regional commissioner, Paul Malinda, is ordering mass arrests of homosexuals living in the region. He claims to have ordered a surveillance squad to monitor gay and lesbian people in the city, using social media. Mr Makonda, the city’s administrative head, told a news conference on Tuesday that he had already received over 100 names of suspected LGBTQ+ members. This witch hunt is not the only homophobic aspect of Tanzania, Gay sex is also illegal.  Gay and transgender people in Tanzania are fearing for their lives.


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