By Lesley Huerta

Have you been interested in applying to programs or fellowships, but have been contemplating on the cost of it? If you have then Earthwatch Ignite is a good opportunity for you to have an all-expenses paid trip. This program, only available to sophomores and juniors, conducts scientific research with scientists and students in beautiful landscapes which can include National Parks in Maine, Texas, Utah, and many more. This is a bonus since aside from it being free and having the chance to travel, it has many beneficial factors for students since they get to participate in working both out in the field and in the lab. With this being said, those who are interested in the science field should definitely apply to explore science out of a classroom to get the full exposure, or anyone in particular who is applying for programs because it’s a great way to explore your interests and bond with new people. As a reminder, this will impact the way colleges take interest in you to see if you have taken initiative in being involved outside of school, so there is nothing to lose in applying. Be sure to submit your application before the deadline on December 2nd and have at least one recommendation ready. Good luck underclassmen!

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