By: Melody Aviles

Fall has finally approached us meaning it’s time to bring out cute decorations to put around your house. If you don’t have any fall decorations, or just want to be a bit more creative and make your own, then here are a couple of different and very easy DIY’s for you to try out. The first DIY is a falling leaves garland. The items you will need are: a bag of artificial leaves which you can find at a dollar or craft store, a paintbrush, glue, loose glitter, a hole puncher, and a ribbon. First, grab a leaf and a paintbrush. Dip your brush in the glue and spread the glue evenly on the leaf. Immediately sprinkle some glitter on the leaf that has the glue. Repeat this with as many leaves that you want to be on your garland. Finally, punch a hole on the top of every leaf and put the ribbon or yarn through it and hang it wherever you want around your house. The next decoration which is a glittery pumpkin involves some of the same materials as the first one. For this decoration, you will need a pumpkin (plastic or real), glue, loose glitter, and a paintbrush. Grab your pumpkin and brush, apply some glue all over your pumpkin, and then cover the complete pumpkin in glitter. This just adds a little more detail to a normal pumpkin and it great if you want to add a little sparkle to your home. The last DIY is an autumn leaf mason jar candle holder. This DIY is cute and will give you a little light while adding some fall spirit to your home. The materials you will need are: a mason jar which you can find at the dollar store, a sponge brush, artificial leaves, mod podge, a ribbon or raffia and a candle. First, you will wipe you jar completely to make sure no grease or dust is on it. Then, grab your sponge brush, dip it in the mod podge, and start covering your whole jar with mod podge. Immediately start placing the leaves on top of the mod podge and press down very hard so they will stay in place. Your final step will be to tie the ribbon on the top of the jar to add detail and place a candle inside to watch your room light up with red and orange lights.

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