by Maite Sanchez

Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving where Americans leave their houses before dawn to go shopping and get discounts with all the amazing deals. This day is perfect to get your Christmas shopping done in advance! You can shop for many necessities with reliable and affordable prices. Your Black Friday adventure isn’t going to be as fun as expected though. On this nationwide holiday, millions of people join in on the shopping and plan to visit their local malls after they finished their Thanksgiving dinner. It’s good to have patience during times like these considering all the people who will be shopping at the same time as you. But don’t fear, I am here to advice you of your Black Friday shopping do’s and don’ts.



  • Shop Before Hand: Visit stores one or two days early to spot gifts you are planning to purchase on Black Friday. Your experience will be smoother since you have an idea where the items are.
  • Create a List: It’s always good to be organized and make a list with the person’s name and the gift you’d like to purchase for them. This can make your shopping faster since you will already know what stores to walk into to get that said item.
  • Have Patience: During this night, it is key to have patience with other people like employees, customers etc. Otherwise, you will find yourself frustrated and stressed out with the situation.
  • Disrespect Employees: Employees are in the stores to guide you through crowds and lines. They are the ones who are making Black Friday happen. Some of them probably don’t want to be there but try anything possible to help you out.
  • Cave in to Misleading Sales: The poster might say, “Buy 2, Get 1 Free,” but if the first two items cost over $50 a piece, it’s not worth the free item. Save your money and be sure to fully read the advertisement.
  • Buy out of Impulse: Save your money! Ask yourself if you really need it and be rational with the items you want to purchase. You don’t want to overspend or buy something you’ll end up throwing out.

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