By: Ariana Galvez

Taking AP exams can get a little scary because you feel as if you are unprepared, but there is so many programs that can help you, such as UCLA AP readiness program. This program offers  many different classes that deal with AP classes, ranging from English, Math, History, and even Psychology. They teach you different methods and ways to ensure that you pass the exam. Not only do they aid you in passing the exam, but it also gives you a feel of the college experience. You go into real classes and you get taught by actual professors. From my personal experience I have learned that it is helpful. I went my sophomore, junior year and I plan 9n attending for my senior year.  Attending the program not only benefited my scores, along with giving me taste of how vigorous college can be and what to expect in the future. When I went to get assistance on the AP Psychology exam they taught me how to tackle the multiple choice section and what to expect from the free response question. I also learned a few time management skills, so I didn’t waste time.  From going I was able to pass my AP Psychology that only has a 21% pass rate. Going year after year not only benefit my education, it also looks great on college application because it demonstrates you want to learn and are willing to go out of your way to gain strength in your subjects.

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