by Anthony Castillo

Advance Placement classes are courses run by the college board which can earn you college credit or qualify you for advanced classes when you begin college if you receive a 3 or higher on the exam. In addition to credits, AP courses are an excellent way to stand out in college applications if you are looking to reach higher education as it raises up your GPA and shows that you are eager to challenge yourself. From AP Calculus to AP Biology, there are a variety of AP courses to choose from that can put your skills to the test on the specific subject. When taking challenging courses like these, it is imperative that you think wisely about what courses you take and how many you take, so that you can pass the class and manage yourself wisely.

Though this opportunity is open to all students in high school, choosing to take these courses requires a lot of commitment and attention that may sometimes be overwhelming. Many students debate on whether they should take these courses to stand out or take honors courses, so they can have a higher chance at passing with a B or higher. With these ideas in mind, students may wonder, what should you expect if taking these classes? If you take these classes, how should you manage your schedule. In taking these rigorous college level courses, there will be a lot of work and stress will be involved. It is expected of students to work diligently and dedicate most of their time into the AP classes they chose. You can expect a lot of homework, studying, and time consumption with AP classes. For students planning, or currently taking an AP course, it is important that you manage your time wisely and do not procrastinate. Procrastination is one of the biggest mistakes students make that can add up to more stress when you are up until 1:00 am trying to study for your test the next day or finishing your homework. Despite the rigor of the AP, these courses help you not only stand out in college applications but allow you to learn more and become more experienced in higher level classes.

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