By Jessica Ramirez

As future college students, most of us are under constant stress and pressure to get good grades, do good in sports, and maybe even look after home responsibilities. Whatever the case may be, it often becomes difficult and overwhelming to keep up with everything going on around us. The following tips are helpful to manage your stress levels, ensure your emotional stability, and overall ensure your mental and physical health are okay.

  1. Get enough sleep: Although it can sometimes be difficult to ensure a good night’s sleep, it is important for teens to get at least 9 hours of sleep each night in order to maintain a healthy routine and maximize the development and growth they need. This can also help you wake up more relaxed, and therefore, increase your productivity and minimize your stress levels.
  2. Maintain a healthy diet: Stress is also accompanied by unhealthy doses of caffeine, junk food, and a lack of fruits and vegetables. In order for your mind to be in full focus, it is crucial that you receive the proper nutrients your body needs to be awake and ready to take on your responsibilities.
  3. Be active: Engaging in physical activities is a great way to contribute to leading a healthy lifestyle. It can also help distract your mind from all the stress in your life and it provides a break from the responsibilities that become too overwhelming.
  4. Make time for yourself: It is crucial that you make some free time for yourself and not become entirely consumed in the tasks of your everyday life. Free your schedule and make time for socializing, your family, or just individual time to serve as an outlet for your stress.
  5. Talk to someone: If you realize that your emotional and mental stability are at risk, talk to someone you trust, whether it be a friend, teacher, or parent. Talking about your feelings and venting about the stress you feel is an efficient and healthy way of coping with the overwhelming pressures in your life.

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