Do you want to experience the most terrifying night of your life? Halloween Horror Nights is known for their terrifying scares by reenacting moments and characters from horror films such as Stranger Things, Trick r’ Treat, The First Purge, Poltergeist, Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers, The Horror of Blum House: Chapter two, Universal Monsters, The Walking Dead Attraction, and The Terror Tram. This event occurs from September 27 to November 3, from 7:00 pm to 3:00 am. It is important to get their early to get early around 5 because then you will have to wait more hours then you should need too. The prices range from $75 for the general admission and 160$ for the fast pass. You can buy your tickets online which might be cheaper instead of buying them at the door. During this night, there are many security measures and the safety is 100% guaranteed, so there are no masks allowed due to their strict safety policy.

“I got there early because the wait time is long. I felt safe, there were many security guards everywhere and if they heard a scream or something they were there to help you right away. My favorite maze was Stranger Things, the acting and decorations and the props seemed extremely real. I got chased in the toxic tunnel and I was scared but over all I had fun.”

-Nicole Salas, 12th

“I waited 2 hours for one maze, it was crazy. Halloween was the best maze to me because Michael Myers was scary, and it was so unexpected the pop ups. They were so tall, and they kept hovering over me. Although there were people with flash lights to make sure I was okay.”

-Beyonce Garcia, 11th


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