By: Elizabeth Mendoza


  1. Fright Fest

Ends: October 28

Six Flags takes a dark turn as spooky season arrives. With tickets starting at the price of $50, you can enjoy the rides that give a sense of thrill during the day. When the sun goes down, the place is filled with fog and the frightening begins. You can enter mazes like Sewer of Souls, Witches Lair, The Shadows, and many more that’ll make you jump and scream.

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  1. Knott’s Scary Farm

Ends: October 31

For the months of September and October, this theme park has been altered to send chills down your spine. This theme park has several mazes like Paranormal Inc., The Red Barn, and The Dark Ride. Once the clock strikes 7, there is no place to run or hide. The tickets begin at the price of $40.places 2


  1. Halloween Horror Nights

Ends: November 3

This place will definitely give you the Halloween experience you are looking for. With tickets ranging from $60-$97, Universal Studios in Hollywood has 8 mazes that will give you chills. A few of them are Trick R’ Treat, The First Purge, and Stranger Things. When the night begins, the air is filled with fog and everywhere you look, you’ll want to run.

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  1. Queen Mary Ship

Ends: November 2

The Haunted Queen Mary ship turns into the Dark Harbor with 6 mazes that’ll give you nightmares. A couple of the mazes are Lullaby and Deadrise. There are also rides and live entertainment. This Halloween attraction located in Long Beach has tickets on sale starting at the price of only $20. Attend the ship, if you dare.


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