By: Melody Aviles

Halloween is just around the corner and everyone is getting ready for it. Have you thought about what you want to dress up for on Halloween? If not, here are a couple of simple and easy costumes that might work for you. The first costume idea is a very easy and simple scarecrow. All you will need is a flannel, blue jeans, and some black face paint. Simply draw a triangle on your nose and some lines on your lips. The second costume idea is an extremely easy robber. All you will need is a black and white striped shirt, a black beanie, a black mask that you can make by cutting a piece of black cloth or painting the mask on with some black face paint and lastly, grab any bag you have and draw a money symbol with a marker. The last idea would be any face painted costume such as a skeleton, a clown, or a simple cat. Draw some whiskers, a little nose, and wear all black to complete your costume. These costumes will save your day if you need a last minute costume or if you are just clueless about what you want to dress up for on Halloween.

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