Emely Martinez

Everyone knows high school can be stressful both academically and socially, sometimes even emotionally. There’s pressure all around school and extracurricular activities. However, people still manage to make the time to keep and grow many friendships and memories.

Bad things can happen to nice people, but we find that those “life-wrecking” moments have made us stronger. From funny to sad times, some can be considered as one of those “you had to be there” moments, that may remind you of those irreplaceable days. Students were asked to look back to their high school experiences, so far, and share their funniest or most embarrassing times.

Natalie Villapudua, Junior:

“The funniest or most embarrassing moment in school, would have to be when I had to act out in a play in front of my class. Everyone was looking at me and I got so nervous that I started making weird sounds. I felt embarrassed, but things happen. They were all around me, but sadly none of the students helped. It taught me to calm down when I am put on the spot and to not freak out, just keep it moving. I would advise that no matter how uncomfortable it can get to be up in front, don’t feel bad because, as I mentioned, things happen. Just try again and don’t give up. You’ll be fine, just think of it as a little moment of laughter.”


Tony Saldana, Senior:

“The most embarrassing moment was my sophomore year. I had just got to school in the morning and realized there was a huge hole on the back pocket of my jeans. I found out because I felt a light breeze on my behind. It was a very, very embarrassing feeling. No one was around me when I found out, and no one ever did. This taught me to always be careful and check my clothing. I would advise others to make sure their clothing is in good condition and search it because no one wants a wardrobe mishap.”


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