By Emely Martinez

Have you ever seen something move from the corner of your eye or felt a weird, cold chill? Based on a survey, about 42% of students might have encountered worse. A couple of students were asked to share their spooky experience that might creep you out.

Manny Pelayo, Senior: “It was around 1 in the morning ,and my cousin and I were inside Liberty Elementary School. All of a sudden, the lights from a classroom randomly turned on and started flickering. From a distance, we heard children laughing and footsteps coming towards us. We both looked at each other and ran home as fast as we could. I felt terrified and couldn’t believe it.”


Destiny Rivera, Senior: “As a child, I lived in a house that was haunted. Objects would randomly move out of place and down the hall was a room my family and I never went in. Not only because it was freezing cold, but it also had a mysterious vibe and was always foggy. There was a time where outside the window from the attic, a figure of an older woman and a little boy were just standing there, looking back at us. We were extremely scared and moved out as soon as possible. I have always believed in ghosts and still do.”


German Guevara, Senior: “When I was smaller, I went on a family trip to Tlajomulco, Mexico and stayed at my grandma’s house. Next to it, there is a soccer field where I would go with my cousins. One night, we were playing and noticed a mysterious figure in the distance. Feeling curious, we decided to go up to it. As we got closer, it wasn’t there anymore and neither was the soccer ball on the floor. One of my cousins turned and pointed to the ball on a bench up ahead. We ran home and I looked back to see smoke around where the figure and the ball were. I believed in ghosts because of many stories I would hear from others, including ‘La Llorona’.”


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