Emely Martinez

It may feel impossible to survive a day in high school. After all, it is a HUGE transition that can get very stressful, especially if you don’t set your priorities straight. Here is a list of tips to help get through it:


  • Sleep!


It’s very important to get 9 to 10 hours of sleep each night so you can be more alert throughout the day.


  • Be Yourself


Sometimes you’ll feel pressured to change in order to fit in, but do your best and be who you really are.


  • Remain Calm and Have Fun


It can get rough,  but high school does not last forever, so enjoy it! Try relaxing by having a good and positive attitude even during stressful times.


  • Get Involved


If you want to join a club or sport, do it! Don’t worry about what others might think. Not only does “getting involved” look good on resumes, but helps you meet new people.


  • Dip from Any Drama


Don’t let anyone try to push you off the edge. Be the bigger person and walk away from drama because at the end of the day, it won’t be worth it.




If you know there’s a test or quiz coming up, it’s best to start studying ASAP. This will give you plenty of time to refresh your brain. Take your studies seriously.


  • Break and Lunch


These are the only times in the school day where you won’t be locked in a room, so use them!


  • Don’t be Absent or Late


Unless you are very sick or it’s an emergency, don’t miss school or skip class. Clear up any absences and always be on time. As Ms. Esturo says, “No ninety-four…no dancing on the floor”


  • Procrastination? Who is she?  


Take the “pro” out of it. Don’t leave your homework, assignments, or any studying for the night before.


  • PSA for Seniors!  


Senioritis can kick in and attack. Don’t feel pressured, stay motivated, and try hard to reach your goal, as you’ll be proud of the outcome. Remember, graduation can come quicker than you think!

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