by Jessica Ramirez

This 2018-2019 school year has kicked off with a new member in our Ram family, Principal Mr. Leo Gonzalez. Not only does he hope to provide “high quality teaching and high-quality instruction” that prepares everyone for college, he also seeks to provide motivation and support to every student. Mr. Gonzalez is a big believer in setting goals because that is the way he has been able to achieve his own dreams thus far. As a fellow member of the Latino community, Mr. Gonzalez can resonate with every student and hopes to inspire our generation.

Mr. Gonzalez is an example of what determination and hard work can accomplish. Coming from immigrant parents, he grew up in the neighboring city of Huntington Park and in fact, attended State St. Elementary School and South Gate Middle School prior to graduating from Bell High School. He took AP courses and participated in different sports during high school and understood the importance of being involved as an active member of school, which is what helped him get into UC Berkeley. However, despite seeking these challenges in high school, he confesses that he wasn’t fully prepared for college, which is something he wants every student to avoid feeling. By offering increasingly rigorous courses here, Mr. Gonzalez hopes to fully prepare everyone for the challenges of college life. He also plans on focusing on how teachers approach their curriculum and making sure everyone is on the same page, particularly through the newly implemented SOAR board, which recognizes the standard and objective being covered in class.

Another significant change he seeks to see in South Gate High School is an increased sense of school spirit by encouraging all students to become members of the school community, whether it is through leadership, sports, or clubs. He stands by the idea that “every student should have the opportunity to be in a club or be in a sports program” not only as part of the high school experience, but as a step towards becoming a more competitive college applicant.

Overall, Mr. Gonzalez established one clear idea: every decision he makes is for the benefit of the students. He is more than willing to provide support to any student in need of it and hopes that more students will set goals for themselves, as he believes that it is the true key to being successful.

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