By: Larissa Norzagaray

Autumn leaves. Pumpkin Spice Lattes. Fall is here and with it comes Halloween. A time for costumes and eating treats. Halloween is a time to spend with family and friends and these moments create memories that will live on forever. We’ve asked students what their best Halloween memories are and here’s what they said:


“My favorite Halloween experience is actually pretty recent having been last year. For the two years prior, I hadn’t dressed up for Halloween and I felt pretty lousy. So, last year I decided to really go for it. I dressed up like my favorite cinema character ever, the joker. I bought a purple dress shirt, put on makeup and walked around school feeling like the joker himself. It was very funny getting different reactions from my friends and teachers. That same day, I hosted the schools Halloween consume contest and later that day, I went to a Laker’s game. That was definitely the best Halloween i have ever experienced.”

  • Miguel Carias, Senior


“ When I was trick or treating with my brother, I dressed up as a Viking. It was for 8th grade. It was my first time so it was very fun.”

  • Lisbeth Pimentel, SophomoreIMG_6119.jpg


“ I was dressed as snow white and I ran into the light pole. I fell. It was pretty funny and I got a lot of candy so it was pretty good. “

  • Viviana Osuna , SeniorIMG_6123

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