A mouthless cat, our childhood attraction, maybe she was your obsession… remind you of something?

Hello Kitty has been proven to be part of satanic rituals since 1970 according to Billseigs the author of the article, “The Terrifying Story About the Origins of Hello Kitty”. Hello Kitty was created by a mother with an ill child. When her 14-year-old daughter was diagnosed with terminal mouth cancer, and there was nothing that could save her, her mother, who was eager to find a cure for her daughter, she decided to make a pact with a devil. The devil asked her to make a doll that would attract many people to convert them into Gnosticism. After compromising with the devil, he was able to complete her desire of curing the daughter’s cancer illness. The Hello Kitty doll represents a “cat” that is associated with witchcraft.

If you pay close attention to Hello Kitty, you will notice that she does not have a mouth. People speculate that the mother made these characteristics so children could trust Hello Kitty with their secrets, since she is not able to talk. It is also speculated to be a visual representation of how her daughter suffered from mouth cancer.


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