By: Guadalupe Mota

Have you ever mistakenly put your pants on inside-out? What if you heard that inside-out jeans are now trending? French designer Ben Taverniti has used his fifteen years of designing and styling high-end quality clothing to create the “Unravel Project Inside-Out Jeans,” available now for $559-$589. These light-blue cotton jeans are made with ripped detailing and distressed styling, topped off with an inside-out pocket that says, “To create something new you must first destroy.”

If that hasn’t sparked an interest yet, maybe you’ll be pleased to hear that Alife Croc Sock Combos are now being sold for $140. These sandals, with built-in socks, have been designed for “a nod to the socks and sandals style commonly seen throughout many of New York City’s neighborhoods,” according to an Alife press release.

Just as weird, Balenciaga has released red leather square-toe mules for $269. These slip-ons are designed with grained leather surrounding the shoe and a fold down heel counter. The internet has reacted to this drop through memes, comparing the mules to McDonald’s fries containers. T-shirt shirts, shirts with T-shirts attached to them,  have appeared as well. Balenciaga released this top for $1,290 giving the buyer two wearing options: wear the short sleeves shirt with front drape effect or the long sleeves shirt with back drape effect.

crocs jeans wtf.png shirt.png

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