By Anthony Castillo and Aranza Carrillo

Sweater weather is here and the change from intense heat to refreshing air can only mean one thing: fall has arrived! Autumn it is the perfect season to enjoy many outdoor activities in this holiday packed season. As summer ends, the long and warm weather days are beginning to fade, allowing the outdoor activities to fade. From thanksgiving to Halloween, fall is a favorite among many people seeking some family friendly fun or simply the time to relax. Fall holds many opportunities for everyone to reestablish new routines and try seasonal foods such as pumpkin pie or a Starbucks autumn-spiced latte.

Everyone who loves sleep will find fall a perfect time for them to catch up on sleep with the end of daylight savings in November which allows us to sleep for one more hour. The fall season is kickback time for everyone to recover from their summer activities such as beach trips. There are many changed coming with autumn. So, enjoy what the fall season has in store for you!

  • What’s your favorite fall food and beverage?
    • “Since I come from a Hispanic family, we always drink Chocolate Abuelita and eat pozole. It’s the same every year but I never get tired of it.” – Jacqueline Vasquez, 9th Grade


  • What is your favorite thing about fall?
    • “Fall is definitely a cozy season and its cool weather is way better than summer’s. I love the colors of the leaves and the holidays that come with it, Halloween and Thanksgiving. Fall is all about that sweater weather and chill” – Mauricio Machado, 11th Grade


  • When you think of fall what do you see/imagine?
    • “I imagine the leaves’ color change to orange and all I think about is spending time with my family during Thanksgiving.” – Antonio Sanchez, 9th Grade


  • What’s your favorite thing to do during fall?
    • “I like to wrap myself in blankets on a cold day and relax while watching scary movies or RomComs.” – Kaylee Hernandez, 12th Grade

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