– The two stepsisters are hideous young adult girls.
– The “Fairy God-mother” is an old lady with a magical wand.
– Baby blue ball gown plus glass slippers
– Both stepsisters push feet inside to make the shoe fit, but fail
– Ending: Cinderella marries the prince and the stepsisters stay in the
old house working as servants for their mother

– The two stepsisters are beautiful young adult girls.
– The “Fairy God-mother is a magical bird” in a Hazel tree.
– Silver and gold ball gown plus golden shoes
– One stepsister cuts off their toe to make the shoe “fit”
– Another stepsister cuts off their heel to make the shoe “fit”
– Ending: Cinderella marries the princes, and two doves peck out the step
sister’s eyes.

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