By: Elizabeth Mendoza

Many were shocked when Hip-Hop/ Rap artist, Eminem released his new album titled Kamikaze. The album released on August 31, 2018 included 13 new songs, consisting of power, anger, rage, motivation, and hype such as,  “Good Guy” featuring Jesse Reyez, which has rose itself up to the top of the charts.

Since the day it was released, it has been in Spotify’s U.S. Daily charts as well as Billboard’s top 200. His song “Lucky You” feat. Joyner Lucas is No. 1 in the top 50 in the USA, followed by other tracks from his album such as “The Ringer”, “Greatest”, “Fall”, and “Kamikaze”, which are all slowly creeping up the charts. In just the first week of its release, Kamikaze has sold about 200,000 units.

With the amazing feedback from fans, the whole album is on track to debuting number 1, which would be Eminem’s ninth album to win the title. Compared to the backlash he received from his previous album, Eminem has gained much needed praise. If you want a remarkable album to listen to, Kamikaze is the one!


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