By: Guadalupe Mota

The Bachelor/Bachelorette:

Dress in your fanciest dress or suit and style your look with elegant shoes. Tie it all together with a modish hairstyle and a dozen roses. Take each rose and hand them out to your friends. Remember to ask: “Will you accept this rose?”   



If you want to jam along to Doja Cat’s song “Mooo!” this Halloween, this outfit might just help set the mood. Wear white clothing (skirt is optional) and take a sharpie to draw on black spots resembling the pattern of a cow’s. Finish off the look with black shoes and a headband or a black and white bandana.


SpongeBob SquarePants:

To mimic SpongeBob’s look with a modern chic twist, wear a white dress shirt accompanied by a red tie, tan shorts, black belt, white knee-high socks, and black shoes. These colors will pop and show off your inner SpongeBob.


Fire Captain:

Suspenders on thick black pants and a navy-blue shirt are the way to go! Red suspenders are recommended as they are strapped onto the hem of the pants. Carry a black hat or cap as an accessory for this costume.


Edna from The Incredibles:

Style your look with a black dress and long knee-high black boots. Wigs with bangs or styling bangs are suggested, and finish this off with oval shaped glasses.



Zoe Benson from American Horror Story: Coven

Dress with a floppy hat and a white long-sleeved dress shirt. Add a black skirt and black bow around your neck. Styling your hair straight and wearing black boots will tie the look altogether.


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