By Nathalia Arevalo

When you think about boy bands, NSYNC, Backstreet Boys, and One Direction may come to mind. They often share common traits, they’re composed of mainly white young men, repertoire of mainstream pop and target an audience of young girls. While all these traits have proved to be successful, it is time for something new.

A new boy band, Brockhampton, offers just that. Its members consist of different ethnic and racial backgrounds, from Hispanic, African American to white, while three members are part of the LGBT community as well. Brockhampton’s management is also diverse. Their producer Romil Hemnani is from Pakistan, their photographer, Ashlan Grey, is Hispanic, and editors/graphic designers, Henock Sileshi and Kevin Doan, are African American and Korean. The different cultures and tastes make their music attractive to everyone, from their hometown of San Marcos, Texas to The U.K.

Brockhampton’s repertoire is mainly alternative rap and R&B, instead of the typical pop. Their focus for their music is to talk about their difficult past or battles with mental health. With their diverse genre, Brockhampton’s music reaches various audiences, men and women of different ages, locations and cultures. With their recent record label signing to RCA records, after being an indie band for many years, Brockhampton lives on as an example of success despite racial barriers.

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