A catastrophic typhoon, Mangkut, struck the Philippines on September 14, resulting in over 60 deaths. The majority of those affected were citizens living poverty, and the horrid housing conditions they lived in protected only a few from the hazardous weather. The effect of having poor housing forced many to go on a search for evacuation centers, but heavy rain caused landslides to bury the centers under feet of dirt. This typhoon has been marked as being the strongest Typhoon that has struck the country. The devastation left by Mangkut did not end there, making landfall in China shortly after causing havoc in the Philippines. Closing a series of casinos in Macau have closed for the first time in history, as that was how threatening the storm was, injuring a total of 200 in Hong Kong.

The site where a natural disaster may hit cannot be narrowed down to a single region on the globe. Hurricane Florence made landfall September 14, striking both North and South Carolina and Virginia. Storms are unbiased, proven within Willmington, North Carolina, a mother and child were killed in the storm when a tree fell on their home. Yet the deaths did not end there, as the rising waters created floods, and invaded the homes of various citizens. The storm accounted to the death of 43 people, along with the rescuing of 5,000 lives. However, the states remain in a state of emergency, and in need basic necessities: food, shelter, and clothing.

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