By Jesse Mendoza

However, there are many good reasons for the cereal to come second.

Milk-to-Cereal Ratio: By pouring the milk first, you can easily tell how much cereal you will need to complete your bowl. Whereas, if you decide to pour the cereal first, you more often than not, end up having too little milk or filling the bowl to the top, leading to spills. You can also find out how much cereal you want to eat by pouring the milk first. Whether you want to fill up on cereal, or eat a grander meal later, you can use milk as a measurement of your meal.

Level of Sogginess: Once you pour milk on your cereal, the cereal starts to become soggy. On the other hand, if you pour the cereal after you pour the milk, you allow the cereal to avoid becoming soggy the instant it touches milk.

No Milk, No Problem: Many of us have felt the disappointment of pouring cereal in a bowl only to find out you have run out of milk. By pouring the milk first, you avoid this problem completely. If you find out you don’t have cereal after you pour milk in a bowl, you can still enjoy the milk by itself (or with cookies, if available).

Being Unique: Those who pour milk first are obviously a minority compared to the number of people who do the opposite. Instead of being ashamed of it, embrace it. You can become the unique person in the room, which people find intriguing.

In the end if you pour the milk or cereal first, it is only a small issue. But, it is important to focus on these small issues. Our minds are filled with thoughts of global warming, mass shootings, and political unease, so sometimes we should think about cereal instead.

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