by: Selina Quintero



-Reading: 1, 65-min section

-Math: 1, 25-min section (no calculator) &        1, 55-min section (w/ calculator)

-Writing & Language: 1, 35-min section

-Essay: 1, 50-min section (optional)


Content Covered:

-Reading, relevant words in context, math (Heart of Algebra, Passport to Advanced Math, and Problem Solving and Data Analysis) grammar & usage, analytical writing (optional)

Test Style:

– Questions are evidence and context-based in an effort to focus on real-world situations and multi-step problem-solving.



-English: 1, 45-min section

-Math: 1, 60-min section

-Reading: 1, 35-min section

-Science: 1, 35-min section

-Writing: 1, 40-min essay (optional)


Content Covered:

-Grammar & usage, math(algebra, geometry, and trig.), reading, science reasoning, and writing (optional)


Test Style:

-Straightforward, questions may be long but are usually less difficult to decipher

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