By:Kathleen Sanchez

Despite current policies imposed by President Donald Trump and his known racist views/ ideas, it was still a surprise to see that he, and those in Congress, chose to impose a law that bans immigrants from crossing the US-Mexico border. It’s been showing up all over the news how many families (approximately 65 a day) have been separated due to this current law. Families are being detained for simply wanting a better life for themselves and for their families. Even with multiple new sources following this story, it has once again been shoved under the carpet. There have been multiple incidents in which many family members no longer had contact with one another. This can cause psychological issues especially to all these children that have no idea what is going on. An incident reported by Vice News shows a mother that was separated from her infant son, and once they were reunited, the child had no recognition of who his mother was. From experiencing separation anxiety and suffering Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, these kids have no control over what government officials are doing to them. Not only are the psychological effects harmful, but the fact that the government is not taking initiative to track every person and family being detained creates chaos and confusion, especially when the number of people at the detention centers don’t add up.

In recent events, the Trump administration now plans to hold the use of welfare benefits against new green card applicants. This means that if someone is applying for a visa that allows someone to hold a resident status in the United States, they will not be allowed to obtain legal status if the are using government aid such as food stamps. Everyone is allowed to use any aid the federal government is providing, but if someone is using the help chooses to apply for a green card in the future, it can hurt their application when it is being reviewed. Overall, Trump is continuously finding new ways to opt out immigrants from not only entering the country but from staying as well.


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