By Minerva Padilla

Seniors, there are many things you should be doing right now that are beneficial to both your future and your success. Senior year comes with a lot of responsibility, so it’s crucial for everyone to be on top of things and always have something to do.

By now you should have signed up for your SAT, SAT Subjects, and ACT. If you need a fee waiver, you can get one in the college center. Fee waivers will make your test free and you are given two per tests. If you don’t use a fee waiver, the SAT costs $47.50 and $64.50 with essay, SAT Subject tests cost $22 per subject plus a registration fee of $26, and the ACT costs $42.50 and $58.50 with essay. Along with signing up for your tests, make sure to study, study, study because the more you study, the higher your scores go up. For both the SAT and SAT Subject tests you may study at Khan Academy’s website, and for the ACT, you can study directly at

The UC application opened August 1st ,so you should have already created an account and started with the process of the application so there is enough time to complete it by the deadline on November 30th. If you need your transcripts or any questions regarding the application, don’t wait days or weeks to ask; go to the college center where you can get help from your peers.

Along with the UC application, you should be researching the schools you are applying to. Doing your research is beneficial since not all schools offer every major, so checking to see if a school has the major or program you want is important. Review what past or current students have to say about the school so that you get a feel of the environment and know what others have experienced there.

Whenever you feel like you have nothing to do, remember there is always something to do with your time that can better prepare your senior year and all the things that are yet to come.

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