by Jennifer Garcia

The current presidential administration has begun their ever-lasting influence in our government, including nominating Brett Kavanaugh for a seat in the Supreme Court, a life-time job. “I’ve watched his performance. I’ve watched his statements and honestly, they’ve been brilliant,” spoke Mr. Trump. The Senate thinks otherwise, however, railing him with questions regarding Roe vs. Wade, followed by Brett Kavanaugh’s unresponsiveness, Senator Kamala Harris asked Kavanaugh in frustration if he could think of any laws that contradicted males’ rights, to which he responded, “I’m not thinking of any right now, Senator.” The appointed Supreme Court nominee has a reputation for mystery; Kavanaugh will not give his views on certain issues, such that of abortion rights. He believes political controversies and the judicial branch should remain separate and has the Senate outraged on his background. The Senate hearing for the nominee was an uproar from both outside and inside the Committee’s chambers due to the lack of documents on the nominee altogether. Beginning the hearing with shouts and brawls, members of the Senate refused to proceed without a proper reviewing time. 70 arrests were made in the second hearing alone and rightfully so-this man could swing the Supreme Court in a more conservative, Republican direction.brett k

Just last year, this country witnessed a violent Nazi rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, in which the president had nothing of comfort to say but that there were “good” people on both side. What does Kavanaugh think of this? “I am not here to assess comments made in the political arena, because the risk is that I’ll be drawn into the political arena.” The nominee dodged questions regarding the president in any manner, stirring up the hearing committee members who zeroed in to get information out of him.

Protesters barged into the hearing left and right, inside and out. “Be a hero and vote no. You have a responsibility to all Americans,” was shouted by an escorted protestor, “My body, my choice,” chanted by supporters of Roe vs. Wade, and so on. Aalayah Eastmond, a survivor from the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School’s shooting, spoke at the hearing to speak on behalf of the issue of gun violence in America. The desperate atmosphere surrounds the Supreme Court nominee, the people of the United States need answers and their rights protected, but will Kavanaugh protect these rights? The future of the Supreme Court lies in the hands of the Senate, but certainly the Democratic party shows their disliking, and more importantly Brett Kavanaugh does not have the support of the American people.

For a video on the Kavanaugh hearing, watch this:

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