By Lesley Huerta

Attention underclassmen, are you wondering how you can stand out to universities from the rest of your peers? The answer is by becoming involved! Aside from obtaining a good GPA, universities still look at your college application to see if you have taken the opportunity of volunteering or applying to programs while managing school.

If you believe that you won’t be able to handle school while being involved in a program, don’t stress; some programs are year-round long. Some programs are also available during summer, which can include a four day to a month stay. Most programs also offer workshops on financial aid, SAT prep, campus tours, and give you information about scholarships that you can apply to for free.

Aside from gaining useful information, you get to experience meeting new people from other schools who have the same motives and interests in college. Attending programs also helps you build character as you step out of your comfort zone and improve on your social skills, which will be useful when you apply to universities with confidence. Some programs and internships that our college center offers are TELACU, Expanding Horizons, Kaiser Permanente, and the St. Francis Volunteer program. Take advantage of your peer college counselor as they will inform you about many opportunities our school offers and give you advice on improving your brag sheet so that you stand out when applying to colleges and universities.


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