by Alexander Alvarado

A constant debate always arises during the time of October on whether people over the age of 18 should dress up for Halloween in which I think that there should not be an age limit to dressing up for Halloween. It is a night that everyone should celebrate and the best way to partake in the festivities is to dress up and become something totally out of the normal for some people. The reason people may think that dressing up in costumes once you pass 18 is wrong is because they see it as something kid-like or immature. But they should see it from a different perspective because what you decide to wear on Halloween should not be a reason to judge you. After all it is Halloween, and besides horror movie marathons and candy overloads, dressing up as your favorite TV show or movie character is the best way to celebrate and to show you have plenty of Halloween spirit.

Below is a chart on the 300 students that were involved in the poll:

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