by Amy Manzinas

We live in a world where accepting each other’s differences can be very challenging. But in terms of acceptance, should we truly affirm animals as part of our society? Some countries, such as Brazil, Japan, and France, households have more pets than children. In fact, there are things such as pet passports for traveling purposes. Some may argue that we should see animals as inferior and have no remorse regarding our treatment towards them.

However, as Albert Einstein once said, “If a man aspires towards a righteous life, his first act of abstinence is from injury to animals.” No decent human being wants our vulnerable friends to purposely suffer. Just like animals, we can feel and consciously make decisions. While animal testing is supposedly for everyone’s benefit, comparing human physiology to mice isn’t the smartest thing to consider. For example, a group of researchers from nature neuroscience recently discovered a neurotransmitter that differs humans from other species. This type of brain cell sends chemical messages through the brain and nervous system. Ultimately explaining why experimental disease treatments tend to fail like we fail to protect our furry friends today.animaltestingfact

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