By: Kathleen Sanchez

With college applications around the corner, it’s inevitable to take a visit to the college center and get help with the process. Since there is only one college advisor, Ms. Corona, she selected 23 seniors to help out in the college center. These seniors are called your peer college counselors who not only help with your college application process, but also help with SAT/ ACT registration, scholarship details, and brag sheets. With peer counselors available every period, and break, you can go to the college center for assistance in any area regarding college.

These counselors help juniors receive internships and get accepted into summer programs so that you can have new experiences and opportunities over the summer. For sophomores and freshmen, they can assist and encourage you to sign up for ELAC classes and help find scholarship opportunities as well.

      Andy Cristales is one peer counselor who says, “peer counseling is a program that prepares students for the college application process. It is also an amazing opportunity for students to take advantage of so they can get as much help as they can throughout the process.” Mrs. Corona and peer counselors are available throughout the day and sometimes after school, so don’t hesitate!

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