By Minerva Padilla


Senior year can be quite stressful with all the college applications, scholarships, financial aid, and deadlines to deal with. So, you will always need someone to help guide you. You might feel like you don’t understand half the information having to do with college and that’s why Mrs. Corona is here to help guide you through your senior year full of rollercoasters and stress, because she wants you to succeed in your higher education to ensure a good future.

Mrs. Corona is our school’s college counselor, and from years of experience, has gained so much knowledge in the college field. She attends to university conferences throughout the year to ensure that she is up to date with changes regarding college requirements or the application process so that she provides students with accurate and beneficial information.

Not only does she offer college help for seniors, but she provides all students with many opportunities throughout the year to prepare for their senior year, such as internships, programs, SAT prep, etc.

Many students get intimidated to ask questions about college, but all they must do is go to the college center to talk to Mrs. Corona where she will be more than happy to help.

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