By: Ariana Galvez

Here’s a little reminder to my stressed-out seniors. We all know that college application submissions are around the corner, so here’s the due dates of a few colleges to ensure that all applications are finalized and ready to be submitted.


  • Brown University: January 1ST
  • Columbia University: January 1st
  • John Hopkins University: January 2nd
  • Princeton University: January 1st
  • Stanford University, January 2nd
  • University of Southern California: December 1St
  • Pepperdine University: January 5th

Universities of California:

  • UC Berkley: November 30th
  • University of California, of Los Angeles (UCLA) : November 30th
  • UC Davis: November 30th
  • UC Santa Barbra: November 30th
  • UC Merced: November 30th
  • UC Riverside: November 30th
  • UC Irvine: November 30th
  • UC Santa Cruz: November 30th
  • UC San Diego: November 30th

       Cal States:

  • Cal Poly Pomona: October 1st
  • Cal State Long Beach: October 1st
  • Cal State Fullerton: October 1st
  • Cal State Northridge: October 1st
  • Cal State Sacramento: October 1st
  • Cal State Los Angeles: October 1st

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