by Jennifer Garcia

The people wear blue and white to mirror the Nicaraguan flag, to show unity against the government under President Daniel Ortega. Ortega has terminated electoral authority and the supreme court, opposition parties and term limits, topping it off with accusations of rigging presidential elections. The president brutalizes and blames his people for the uproars against him, and has even appointed his own wife as vice president, along with several family members in the government. Desperation fills the streets as protests turned brutal with the killings made by “volunteer police” to protect the president from what he classifies as “terrorism.” During the first five days of uproar, 30 people were killed, which has only increased since then, amounting to more than 400. “At this rate we are going to kill all our young people,” spoke a citizen of Nicaragua, who chose to keep her identity private for her own safety.

At the United Nations Security Council, 5 out of the 15 countries opposed addressing the country’s domestic violence because it did not rise to the apparent level of a threat to international peace and security that the council was made to protect. As a result, the council did not proceed with the discussion, and the rest of the countries remained silent. However, the current council president, Nikki Haley, and the Human Rights Watch pushed to address the issue to avoid another situation like Syria and Venezuela where powerful dictatorship silence and hurt the people.


Credit: Carlos Herrera

President Daniel Ortega was himself a rebel and Sandinista (Democratic socialist party based in Nicaragua)  leader who worked to successfully bring down President Anastasio Somoza in 1979 to put an end to the 40 continuous years of brutal rule from him and his family. Javier Bauluz, Spanish photojournalist, interviewed an elderly woman and former rebel herself, who in tears spoke, “How did we not realize that they were becoming monsters? How did we let them get away with so much?” The woman now takes the street, against Daniel Ortega. The people of Nicaragua are uniting to find the help that no one else will give them.

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