by Kaitlin Wright


  An artist experienced in manga illustration has made their mark in the theme of “fashionable paranoia”. Shintaro Kago, a Japanese manga artist, has had time to settle and gain popularity for his work, but there’s still plenty that isn’t just his well-known manga related art. With little knowledge and only two interviews found to be available in the U.S about Shintaro, there really isn’t much understanding to insights of his artwork and as to why they’re made to be so explicit. These considerably grotesque individual pieces, have no explanation or hints of any of his inspiration. His muse is the reaction from his viewers, since he enjoys the shock from people. He claims he is “here to make people sick” in an interview with Outsider Japan. His typically graphic, malformed, unnatural, and horrific illustrations are successful in doing exactly that.

              Are these visuals supposed to be a statement about violence or anatomical views from society? Not even Kago himself is sure what exactly is the message he is trying to get across, other than him just enjoying the pure reaction of disturb and disgust from his audience. With this in mind, all pieces not viewed here are heavily NSFW. Search for further pieces at your own risk of discomfort.

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