Van Gogh



– kind of sad

-enjoys traveling

-likes nature

-poetic and soft

-will give his whole heart to you (maybe an ear)



-the mysterious friend who’s in the group chat but never really talks


-witty, sometimes petty

-likes pop music

-really likes parties

-always stressed



-never talks about their problems

-makes everything look effortless


-can’t keep relationships


-everybody loves him

-really smart


-has serotonin (i.e. Least depressed artist here)

-always busy

-supportive of his friends

– Judgmental

-chaotic neutral

-can’t handle criticism

Frida Kahlo

-emotionally overcomes everything

-social butterfly

-the “mom” friend

-full of self-love and extra love to share with others

-unbelievably optimistic or nihilistic, no in between

-lots of self struggles

Keith Haring

-unapologetically honest

– Really sensitive

-self reflects a lot

-always a fun time but risqué


-really creative

-Funny but their life is kind of a mess

-the friend you always worry about