by Giselle Nevarez

As seniors reach their final months of high school, there is a few important events that they still take part in right before graduation, one being PROM.

The night that every high school student looks forward to. Prom, one of the seminal events of a teen’s high school career, the last big exiting moment before graduation. The dress, the tux, the hair, the makeup, the limo, the friends, the date, the photos, the part, all part of a hectic night.

This year South Gate high school theme is Randevous in Paris (Midnight in Paris) and is in April 21st 2018 in Casa Vertigo, Los Angeles. Senior,

Stephannie Gutierrez mentioned she is “very nervous because I’m scared that something will go wrong that day, I plan on starting prom off by taking pictures with friends and so on, but I feel excited because its one of the biggest senior events an most memorable from senior year, although I still feel the anxious feelings because I haven’t found the dress but I know I’ll find one I love.” This all just one senior feels about prom. Here is anthers thoughts and feelings regarding prom. Senior, Fernando Vasquez, states “Prom is a once of a lifetime thing. It does make me nervous a bit but at the end I know it will be fun and exciting. My plans are to have fun and party with all my friends. I don’t have my tux yet but I already know the color I’m going in. I am planning on asking someone and I know it will good and she’ll say yes.”

Everybody has their opinions regarding prom some love the idea of it, while others do not even bother to attend. Overall the idea of prom throughout high school is something man people look forward too. One of the last nights that a senior gets to celebrate with their high school senior friends.