by Louis Perez

               When students visit the college center, they are assisted by our school’s peer counselors. Peer counselors guide students through the college application process, SAT and ACT registration, FAFSA, and so much more. They are available to work with students of all grade levels.

To become a peer counselor, students must currently be in the 11th grade and have been assigned to a peer counselor. Mrs. Corona will begin accepting applications for next year’s group at the end of April until early May. Once applications have been submitted, juniors will be assigned to a college related topic, such as CSUs, UCs, FAFSA, etc, and give a brief presentation about that given topic in front of Mrs. Corona and current peer counselors. Presenters will be evaluated based on their performance and knowledge on the topic. If and when selected, the new peer counselors will attend a mandatory one-week training over the summer where they will learn more about college acceptance.

Yatziry Uscanga, a current peer counselor,                                                                  shares, “The most rewarding thing about being a peer counselor is that I’m able to share my own experiences, and through these experiences help guide students, since most are first generation like me.”

The next time you come across one of our                                                                            school’s peer counselors, be sure to thank them for all                                                                   of their help!