by Jesse Mendoza

For the next school year, South Gate high school will be getting a new class schedule. Instead of continuing with our current block schedule (alternating three periods), the faculty and staff will be voting on a new one.

This change was initiated by the removal of P.A.S.S., which caused much dissatisfaction amongst both students and teachers. Principal Llamas is seeking input from both teachers and students before setting a new schedule. While all ideas are being taken into consideration, the three most popular options are as follows:

1-6 Schedule: With this schedule, students will attend all six periods every day, similar to our Monday schedule. Breaks will be the same time and the same length as the Monday schedule, and each class would be:

Advisory Block Schedule: Similar to our current block schedule, but with an “advisory period” every day. This period will act as a homeroom where students will be offered college and career information and preparation. The advisory period would be about 15 minutes, and will be held every morning when school begins.

Four-by-Four Schedule: Instead of students taking six classes per school year, this schedule will allow students to potentially take eight classes. For the first semester, students will take four classes every day. Each of those courses will count as having completed a full year even though it was over one semester. This allows for students to take and complete an additional four courses in the second semester. For AP classes, students will take the course over both semesters, which replaces a potential class from the second semester, but allows for more preparation for the AP exam.