Dorm Life

By: Brenda Bailon

            As our seniors celebrate their acceptances and decide where they want to go, the question of dorming comes into play. Although dorming often times can seem intimidating, there are ways to prepare accordingly, knowing what to bring for example, as well as knowing what to avoid can be crucial for a comfortable transition to your new school.

Firstly, what should you bring? Well there are a variety of essentials to check off;

ü  Alarm Clock

ü  Bed linens (pillows, blankets, comforters, clothing hangers etc.)

ü  Computer (computer labs are available, but having your own is convenient)

ü  Desk lamp (for the inevitable late night cramming)

ü  Toiletries (flip-flops, towels, shower tote to carry all of these toiletries)

ü  Important documents (ID, driver’s license, financial aid papers, etc.)

ü   Any medication needed

ü  Any sort of decoration (posters, pictures, bulletin boards etc.)

Now that you know what you should bring, let’s go over what you should avoid bringing;

·       A bulky TV (the dorms are small enough as it is)

·       Too many books (the school has a library, it just takes us space)

·       Appliances (toaster, microwave, coffee maker, etc. most colleges won’t allow it)

·       Printer (takes up half of desk the space and the school has printers)

·       Any extra furniture

Nadia Espinoza, 2017 alumni of our very own South Gate high, who is now attending UC San Diego, has some advice of her own to give this year’s seniors, “You should definitely pack a lot of clothes because you have more space than you think you do, and you should definitely bring a mini fridge, although most colleges rent them for a lower price, because the food is pretty pricey…and maybe get a bike, especially if your dorm is far from campus like mine. Also be careful with your belongings because people steal and don’t forget to decorate since most dorms are super dull…and be careful with your noise level because you can get a write up!” Lastly she tells me that the best and worst part about dorming is the fact that you have so much freedom, you’re your own person and it’s a little scary, also the fact that you’re hungry most of the time due to lack of moms cooking, but other than that college has been such a unique experience.

Adriana Silva, 2017 alumni of South Gate High School who is now attending UC Davis, has also had her share of experiences when it comes to dorming. She states, “Things I had to bring were my music posters and flags from festivals, my speaker, and my fav books, bringing little things from home like these made it easier for me to adjust to living in a dorm because I have my own room back home so bringing those things made me feel like I had my own space. Although I wish I would have not brought so much clothes since I live in front of a clothing store and now I have a lot of clothes, in fact some advice I would offer is to only bring clothes you’re actually going to wear because most people I know including myself often go out to the shopping centers to buy clothes. The hardest part of leaving was saying goodbye to my Grandpa and leaving my dogs behind because I spent a lot of my summer before leaving with my Grandpa and my dogs but my experience has been amazing, I love my school town and my group of friends that are from around the world because we go to Downtown or Sacramento to spend our weekend nights exploring and eating new food. I’ve enjoyed being far from home.” An uplifting and amazing experience she’s said she’s had and she wishes on us all who are getting ready to leave home.