Q: What is/was one of your greatest fears?

A: “My biggest fear is rejection”

– Alejandra Mejia, sophomore

A: “I had a fear of heights when I was younger”

  • Alejandro Carranza, senior

A: “I used to be afraid of public speaking”

  • Kayla Gomez, junior

Q: Have you and how did you overcome this fear?

A: “I am yet to conquer my fear, to try and make it better I started applying for programs to take rejection better. I hope that over time it will just go away.”

  • Alejandra Mejia, sophomore

A: “To get over this my uncle blind-folded me and took me to Six Flags. When they took it off we were right outside the park. So when we got inside the first ride I went on was Goliath, I was scared to death. It is one of the highest rides there, so my uncle said “you get on this one and you won’t be afraid anymore.” So I went on, and now heights give me a rush of energy.”

  • Alejandro Carranza , senior

A: “I knew I had to get over the fear sooner or later, so I began to take ELAC (East Los Angeles College) courses. Not only did I take it to learn and gain more knowledge, but also to get rid of my fear of public speaking.  These courses make you present a lot and made me get out of my shell.”

  • Kayla Gomez, junior