How the “Coke Boyz” Prepare for Lunch

by Crystal Canela

Questions I asked:

1.     How do you prep for lunch?

2.     What is something that has to be included in your lunch meal every day?

3.     Are you a picky eater? Or are you able to eat anything? Likes/ dislikes

4.     What is your go to lunch meal when you are in a rush?

5.     What is your favorite lunch meal that you prep yourself?

Mr. Nevarez– “No prep. I look for what is available in the morning. My appearance is more important than what I eat. I’ll eat whatever, but I always have to look sharp… like a knife, you always have to be sharp. An ice cold can of Coke has to be included in my lunch, because they taste better than the bottle version. I am a little bit picky because I don’t like onions or tomatoes on certain food like burgers, but I’ll eat tacos with everything including the onion. My go to lunch when I am in a rush is a can of Coke with a Smucker’s Uncrustable peanut butter and grape jelly sandwich. A simple turkey sandwich, a coke, and goldfish (the original flavor) is my favorite lunch that I prep myself. Coke is the main ingredient. If there is no Coke, there is no lunch.”

Mr. Martinez– “A Coke has to be included in my meal daily. I am not a picky eater, but I do not eat seafood. I heat up my food without picking anything out of it. When I am in a rush, I go for a Maruchan Ramen soup since they are tastier and easier to prepare than a cup of noodle. My favorite flavor is the spicy sriacha chicken flavored soup. When I have the time, I like to prepare a ham and cheese sandwich on my George Foreman grill and cut the corners off.”