Editorial: Death of Democracy

by Saul Cardenas

“What we may be witnessing is not just the end of the Cold War, or the passing of a particular period of post-war history, but the end of history as such: that is, the end point of mankind’s ideological evolution and the universalization of Western liberal democracy as the final form of human government.” – The End of History and the Last Man by Francis Fukuyama (1992)

The quote above argues that the end of the Cold War marked the end of human ideological innovation that the world was now rendered homogenous under the western philosophies of democracy and capitalism. However, with China’s move toward President Xi’s indefinite rule, the re-election of Vladimir Putin of Russia, and the reigning dictatorship of Kim Jong-Un in North Korea, that quote rings hollow. The politics of the South and East China Sea, Middle East, and Korean Peninsula have become increasingly unpredictable as each of these leaders consolidate more power.

What we are seeing right before our eyes is the rise of a new age of totalitarianism. Despotism masked by pseudo democratic republics in the forms of one candidate elections, one party congress’s, and ballot stuffing and coercion. Despite the fear of resisting the ruling party, these regimes rise to power with the weapon of the 21st century, the media. Persecution of “extremist” ideal in Russia, Internet restrictions in China, and mandated viewership of government approved news in North Korea all demonstrate that the media is at the forefront of controlling a nation.