“ One day I saw online that people were pranking their parents by sending them a message that said “Mom I need to go to the hospital I can’t see” and then continuing with ”my eyes are closed”. So I tried it out on my mom but it didn’t go as plan. My phone took too long to send the “my eyes are closed” part and she ending up picking me up to go to the hospital. I had to explain that it was a prank I saw on the internet and she was not amused. Lesson learned I’m never pranking my mom again.”  -Anonymous

“I was driving and wanted to prank my friend, so I rolled up, blasting my music. So then my friend walked out and I told him I am going to hit you, but it was all a prank, I even had cameras set up. But instead of braking and not hitting him, I accelerated and hit him softly. –Anthony Flores (11th)

“It was my dad’s birthday and I told him that I was going to make him a pie. Instead of putting whip cream, I put shaving cream.”   – Michelle Sanchez (11th)