by Brianny Martinez

The Grey Alien: It is described as a thin alien with an oversized head. They are usually portrayed in Hollywood and science fiction novels. These aliens are scientific observers that are interested in studying other life forms. Many theorists believe that this species made an agreement with the U.S government by offering advanced technology in exchange for the ability to experiment with human subjects.

The Reptilian: Most reports describe them as reptiles with a human like body, standing six to nine feet. One theory about this alien type is that they seek control of our planet and other planets in the universe. People also believe they cloned Grey aliens as a slave race and plan to do the same with humans. Only about 20% of alien abductees describe an encounter with this species.

The Nordic Alien: They’re commonly described with blonde hair and with violet, pink, red, and purple eyes. They can easily pass as humans if seen from a distance and they communicate through telepathy and telekinesis. Nordics are said to be watchers of the Earth who enlighten and warn humans of potentially dangerous behavior.