by Marisol Martin

As class of 2018 students prepare for prom, South Gate Alumni and students who have been to prom give a few suggestions on how to alleviate the stress of the special evening.

“In my opinion, prom was a fun dance. I advise you to enjoy prom because, as cliché as it sounds, in the blink of an eye it is completely over. Upcoming seniors, make sure to have fun and do not forget to run for prom court!” -Isela Rodriguez, South Gate Alumni Class of ‘17

“My advice would be not to stress. Just have fun! Prom is an amazing experience, one of the last times your whole class is together before you graduate and go your own way. Wear whatever you like and feel comfortable in it! Do not feel like you have to please anyone and be sure to take extra comfy sandals or flats to dance in. Also, do not worry if you feel you ‘can’t dance’. Half of the people around you probably don’t either. Don’t stress. If it does not go as planned, everything will turn out great at the end. Have fun! Make it memorable!” –Gabriela Gil, South Gate Alumni Class of ‘17

“I am very excited about prom, especially getting to dress up and go all out! I can’t wait to see everyone looking stunning! What makes me nervous and stressed is that I have absolutely no idea of what kind of dress I want! I can’t seem to make up my mind.” -Rachel Iribe, South Gate Senior

“I have been to prom three times. I didn’t get a prom dress with a slit because I know I can get away with wearing flats or booties, so I can be more comfortable. Trust me when I say no one wants to be that girl in heels that looks like she is in pain. It’s okay to get there a little late because everyone gets caught up taking pictures. I am looking forward to seeing everyone all dressed up, dancing, and having fun. Don’t stress out too much about having the same dress as someone else because no one will look the same anyway. Just focus on the fun aspect because it is senior year!” –Lizbeth Martinez, South Gate Senior